• Trying Physical Therapy First For Low Back Pain May Curb Use Of Opioids

    Though Americans spend an estimated $80 billion to $100 billion each year in hopes of easing their aching backs, the evidence is mounting that many pricey standard treatments — including surgery and spinal injections — are often ineffective and can even worsen and prolong the problem.

    study published Wednesday in the journal Health Services Research suggests trying physical therapy first may at least ease the strain on the patient's wallet in the long term — and also curb reliance on opioid painkillers, which carry their own risks.

  • How GYROTONIC® Changed my life by Michelle Rodriguez

    In 2004, I sustained a lower back injury.  I wasn’t able to walk or bend or work for 2 weeks.  I tried to treat myself.  I went to see the best doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and colleagues, but nothing really worked long term.  I discovered that ...
  • Getting to the Core of the Issue by Anna Hajosi and Sarah Walker

    We think it is worthwhile to raise awareness on how abdominal procedures, pregnancies, tummy tucks, hernia repairs, and Cesarean sections affect your core, posture, and health. The anecdote below illustrates the impact of core weakness and how to improve it.
  • Treating a Ganglion Cyst with Acupuncture by Anna Hajosi

    Ganglion cysts are masses or lumps commonly found in the hands, most frequently developing on the back of the wrist. In most cases, the cysts are not cancerous and are relatively harmless, but if they interfere with function, or have an unacceptable appearance, there are several treatment options available.